US Government Concerns About E liquids

E liquids contain PG or propylene glycol agent as one of its primary ingredients. It is a synthetic liquid chemical that absorbs water. PG is a humectant food additive that helps other elements or chemicals that would not usually combine with other ingredients. PG is used in making polyester compounds and as a base for de-icing solutions. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries.

The US FDA recognized propylene glycol as a safe component of e liquid. Its metabolic pathway is similar to that of sugar. Propylene glycol is also present in some food products, medicines, or cosmetics. It is also used as a sweetener.

Propylene glycol is used in e-cigarettes and acts as a diluent for the flavorings and nicotine. This substance helps combine all the other components to produce the throat hit.

e-liquidUS Senator Bill Nelson on Eliquid Use

The e cigarette market is growing at a fast rate, prompting concerns regarding product safety, particularly the danger of children swallowing of e liquid used in the e-cigs. The containers have attractive names such as juicy juice, banana split, and naked peach which according to critics may attract children who might think of the bottles as candy.

United States Senator Bill Nelson, together with other senators, is calling for regulations of the small containers. He introduced the 2014 Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act, a bill that would address the Consumer Product Safety Commission to focus on the safety of the children and create a childproof packaging for any e liquids sold in the market.

According to Sen. Bill Nelson if in other medicines the manufacturers can childproof it, why it cannot be done in e liquid.

The liquid nicotine is available as a potent liquid form with different concentrations. Even small amounts of the liquid can cause seizures and vomiting if not used properly. It can also be lethal. Careful handling is necessary to prevent it from being absorbed in the skin or ingested.

Although there have been some reports to poison control centers about the liquid nicotine exposure, the popularity of e-cigarettes remain the high.

The Popularity of E-Cigarettes

The popularity of e-cigarettes have risen because they are known as safe alternatives to regular cigarettes, without the harmful chemicals. The e liquids used in e-cig normally contains solvents, flavoring, and nicotine. Some users are not aware of what they are actually inhaling. There are some who are using the product because it is popular these days. Before using an e-cig, it is best that you carry out some research first and determine the right level of nicotine you should use to avoid harmful effects.

The FDA or Food and Drug Administration plans to release guidelines on the unregulated e liquids and e-cigarettes. Manufacturers of e-cigarettes should make sure that they follow the rules concerning the childproof requirement. There are some children who are also into e-cig since it is not regulated and they have easy access over the product.

The main purpose of manufacturing the e-cig is to help the traditional heavy cigarette smokers quit smoking. However, there are some who thought that it is also safe for children due to lack of awareness about the product. Senator Bill Nelson is concerned about the effects of e-cig in children that is why he is pursuing a bill in regulating the product.

There are some manufacturers who have acted ahead of the regulation. Some e-cigs today are being sold in childproof and tamper resistance bottles. This will prevent accidentally nicotine poisoning in children. Also, the companies have manufactured e liquids in different strengths up to 2.4% nicotine and are available in the market from 12 ml to 120 ml.